WS2 - Web Services and Semantics

Action Line: Open development platforms for software and services

The World Wide Web Consortium's main role is to standardize Web technologies by creating and managing Working Groups that produce specifications (called "Recommendations") that describe the building blocks of the Web, and produce them freely available to all, as part of the Web open platform. The goal of WS2 is to support the W3C in administering its Web services related standard activities, their wide adoption in the European industry, and their evolution toward achieving efficient and interoperable communications within distributed software, as well as rich and complex interactions, exploring use of Semantic Web technologies.WS2 includes European outreach activities on existing W3C Recommendations and fostering the development of new specifications with significant European participation. The project is led by the W3C European branch, hosted by ERCIM, the European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics. The impact foreseen for this project is that it will enable a wider range of use, from business processes to collaboration tools, of the current generation of machine-to-machine Web Services interaction, as well as promoting the extension of these technologies based on new requirements from the industry, using recent and open technology like W3C Semantic Web technologies. The WS2 outreach activities will increase awareness and visibility of W3C's Web services specifications within Europe and strive to make this W3C work on Web services among the most visible areas of W3C's work in Europe. The WS2 technical activities, done through its European staff, will provide European research and industry with competent partners within the W3C community, providing guidance with the standardisation processes currently in place at W3C through its working groups, studying the state of the art and monitoring the other standardisation activities in the domain (e.g. OASIS), and helping to raise the level of European participation.

Project details
Start Date: 2004-07-01
Duration: 24 months
Project Cost: 950988.00 euro
Contract Type: Specific Support Action
End Date: 2006-06-30
Project Status: Execution
Project Funding: 694785.00 euro