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ICT Challenge 4: Digital libraries and content

     The Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Work Programme (2007-2008) under the Framework Programme 7 (FP7) is divided into seven 'Challenges' of strategic interest to European society, plus research into Future and emerging technologies (FET), and support for horizontal actions, such as international cooperation.

The Objective 'Intelligent Content and Semantics' is included in the ICT Challenge 4: Digital libraries and content.

ICT Work Programme 2007-2008

For the ICT Theme, three calls for proposals are anticipated for 2007-2008, more specifically Call 1 and Call 3 for Challenge 4. Full details on the scope of each call, the funding strategy and budget allocation are outlined in the ICT Work Programme 2007-2008.

Find here:

The Work Programme has been presented in more detail at the 'FP7 in Motion' ? Information days, in Luxembourg on 24 and 25 January, 2007. Find full description of the event, lists of speakers and their presentations.

Relevant FP6 research projects

While the FP7 research agenda looks forward to the needs and objectives of Europe in 2013 and beyond, including fresh approaches and challenges, much of the next wave of ICT research and development will build on and expand the work carried out in the Sixth Framework Programme (FP6) over the period 2002 to 2006.

Find here the most relevant FP6 projects (62 projects clustered in seven themes along the FP7 research lines).

Practical information and Useful links

Full details of how to prepare a proposal are given in the ICT Guides for applicants (obtainable from the CORDIS Call 1 announcement page). Note that there is one Guide for each instrument type, since the required structure of the proposal is different for each instrument.

The Create project page provides more guidance on how to put together a proposal. Ideal-ist: The partner search facilities.
The network of National Contact Points (NCPs), can be helpful both for general advice (particularly on preparing proposals) and for finding partners from other countries.

Find more Useful links to prepare for FP7.