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logo 3DTV
Integrated Three-Dimensional Television - Capture, Transmission and Display

A network of excellence for integration of European researchers working on all technical aspects of 3DTV, including capture, representation, transmission and display.
Read more in the 3DTV Project Synopsis.

logo aceMedia
Integrating knowledge, semantics and content for user-centered intelligent media services

aceMedia aims to create a framework, combining advances in knowledge, semantics and multimedia processing technologies, to support self-analysing, self-annotating, and self-adapting content.
Read more in the aceMedia Project Synopsis.

Automating Production of Cross Media Content for Multichannel Distribution

The AXMEDIS project aims to meet the challenges of the market demand by: (i) reducing costs for content production and management for content composition, representation (format), protection and workflow; (ii) reducing distribution and aggregation costs in order to increase accessibility with a P2P at B2B level, which can integrate content management systems and workflows; (iii) providing new methods and tools for innovative and flexible Digital Rights Management (DRM), including the exploitation of MPEG-21 and overcoming its limitations, and supporting different business and transactions models and multi-channel distribution.
Read more in the AXMEDIS Project Synopsis.

logo Content4all
Cross Platform Tools for Community Content Publishing

The general objective of CONTENT4ALL is to develop a Cross-media framework taking advantage of the peer-to-peer phenomenon and emerging related opportunities. CONTENT4ALL will explore creation of peer-to-peer cross-media intelligent content management model, based on open source standards, where next generation affinity communities can meet individuals' and organizations' needs.
Read more in the Content4All Project Synopsis.

The project ended on 30 November 2006.

logo GameTools
Advanced Tools for Developing Highly Realistic Computer Games

The GameTools project will create next generation real time 3D libraries for Geometry, Visibility and Global Illumination for the PC platform, with an extension to consoles PS2, Xbox, PS3, Xbox 360 planned.
Read more in the GameTools Project Synopsis.

Holographic and Action Capture Techniques

The HOLONICS project is aimed at the development of advanced 3D Displays and Human Action Capturing technologies. HOLONICS' holographic 3D displays will ofer unrivalled naked eye presentation of high quality 3D contents to multiple simultaneous users. In addition, HOLONICS' Action Capturing technologies will achieve real-time automatic acquisition of human action data (geometry, volume and texture).
Read more in the Holonics Project Synopsis.

logo inscape
Interactive Storytelling for Creative People

INSCAPE aims at enabling ordinary people to use and master the latest Information Society Technologies for interactively conceiving, authoring, and experiencing interactive stories whatever their form, be it training simulators, animation, theatre, movie, puppet show, video-games, interactive manuals, etc.
Read more in the INSCAPE Project Synopsis.

logo iperg
Integrated Project on Pervasive Gaming

Pervasive games are a radically new game form that extends gaming experiences out into the physical world. IPerG aims to produce entirely new game experiences, which are tightly interwoven with our everyday lives through the items, devices and people that surround us and the places we inhabit.
Read more in the IPERG Project Synopsis.

logo ipracine
Integrated Project Research Area CINE

IP-RACINE is advancing the state of the art by creating technologies to deliver enhanced 'cinematic' entertainment, thereby promoting European competitiveness.
Read more in the IP-RACINE Project Synopsis.

logo kspace
Knowledge Space of semantic inference for automatic annotation and retrieval of multimedia content

K-Space aims to narrow the gap between automatically computed content descriptors, and the richness and subjectivity of semantics in high-level human interpretations of audiovisual media: The Semantic Gap.
Read more in the K-SPACE Project Synopsis.

logo live
Live Staging of Media Events

LIVE will create novel intelligent content production methods and tools for interactive digital broadcasters to stage live mass media events such as the 2008 Olympic Games.
Read more in the LIVE Project Synopsis.

logo muscle
Multimedia Understanding through Semantics, Computation and Learning
Creating and supporting a pan-European Network of Excellence to foster close collaboration between research groups in multimedia datamining on the one hand and machine learning.
Read more in the MUSCLE Project Synopsis.

logo nm2
New Media for a New Millennium

NM2 will create new production tools for the media industry that will allow the easy production of non-linear broadband media, which can be personalised to suit the preferences of the individual user. Viewers will be able to interact directly with the media and influence what they see and hear according to their personal tastes and wishes.
Read more in the NM2 Project Synopsis.

logo PENG
PErsonalised News content programming

The PENG project aims to define a news content composition and programming environment that provides news professionals and general users with an interactive and personalised tool for news gathering and delivery. This tool is conceived as a flexible system for a user customizable filtering, retrieval and composition of news.
Read more in the PENG Project Synopsis.

The project ended on 31 August 2006.

logo Polymnia
Personalised Leisure and Entertainment over Cross Media Intelligent Platforms

POLYMNIA project aims to develop an intelligent cross-media platform for personalized leisure and entertainment in thematic parks or venues, which will provide a high quality customized digital souvenir, where the visitor will appear as the real protagonist in the venue.
Read more in the Polymnia Project Synopsis.

Retrieval of Video and Language for the Home user in an Information Society

REVEAL THIS develops content programming technology able to capture, semantically index, categorise and cross-link multimedia and multilingual digital content coming from different sources, such as television, radio and the web. Users of the system will satisfy their information needs through personalized semantic search and retrieval, summaries of content and translation of them into their desired language.
Read more in the Reveal This Project Synopsis.

logo Seven Pro
Semantic Virtual Engineering Environment for Product Design

Sevenpro will develop technologies and tools supporting deep mining of product engineering knowledge from multimedia repositories and enabling semantically enhanced 3D interaction with that knowledge in integrated engineering environments.
Read more in the Sevenpro Project Synopsis.

Interactive Roadmap for Long Distance Rambling

WalkOnWeb is defining a new publishing model for walking and tourist information. This model will be elaborated by developing the necessary applications for content creation and publication, and by defining a supporting business model.
Read more in the WalkOnWeb Project Synopsis.


Layered Compression Technologies for Digital Cinematography and Cross Media Conversion
WorldScreen investigates the use of layered scheme data compression algorithms, in particular JPEG2000, for the improvement of digital cinema workflows and cross media conversion.
Read more in the Worldscreen Project Synopsis.


The LEMATCH project has developed a cross media sports production platform called CSP combining advanced imaging technologies with interactive programming devices and audio-visual broadcast technologies to deliver enhanced interactive mixed reality contents onto the Internet, mobile devices, analogue TV and IPTV.
Read more