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Workshop in Riga,
April 18, 2007

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Seminars and workshops in Lithuania

- 22-24 October 2007, Vilnius
The 9th International Conference "Information Society: Innovative Technologies for Business and Education"

- 22 October 2007, Vilnius
Workshop "ICT in 7th Framework Programme: possibilities and benefits"

- 22 October 2004, Vilnius
IST4Balt seminar in the framework of INFOBALT 2004 Trade Fair was devoted to the FP6 IST Priority

- 24-25 October 2005, Vilnius
IST4Balt workshop "Participation in IST at the edge of 6th and 7th Framework Programmes" was held in the framework of IST4Balt-INFOBALT conference "Evolving Mobile Europe"

- 19-20 October, 2006, Vilnius
The conference "Mobile Europe: New Opportunities and Strategies" and the workshop "IST in 7th Framework Programme: benefits for active participants"

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