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Information Day "Information Society Technologies in The EU Framework Programme"

November 24 2005, Riga, Latvia

   Information day was organised under the umbrella of the IST-Mentor+ and IST4-Balt projects on November, 24 in Riga Technical University.

  • To deliver up-to date information on opportunities, interest and modalities of participation for Latvian organisations
  • To inform on the support available
  • Introduction: presentation of IST-Mentor+ and of the multipliers; presentation of IST4-Balt
  • IST status and remaining activities in FP6
  • Analysis of the participation in FP6  and consequences for Latvia in term of partners search
  • Examples of best practices in Latvia and benefit of participation
  • Analysis of a real proposal and evaluation exercise
  • Preliminary information on ICT in FP7
  • Discussion of questions and issues collected during the day grouped by topic

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