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The Estonian partner Bi-Info will orient its IDC towards the Strategic Objective Improving Risk management, as far as economical and financial risk is concerned, and new employment opportunities following the Strategic Objective e-Inclusion. For more information visit INFORING home page.


Lithuanian IDC at INFOBALT will focus on business applications included in the Strategic Objective Applications and services for the mobile user and worker. For more information visit INFOBALT home page.

Feedback from IDC users

Letter from Prof. E.Ginters, Vidzeme University College, Latvia:

Let me take this opportunity to thank Latvian IDC team on behalf of me and my colleagues from Vidzeme University College. I appreciate the co-operation with Latvian IDC team in promotion and collabotation in the field of the use of web-based technologies and open source platforms. It was a pleasure to work with highly experienced staff and I strongly believe that development of Latvian IDC at RTU was an important step in strengthening the co-operation between different Latvian organisations and institutions actively participating in EC Projects.

Prof. Egils Ginters
Vice-Rector for Science and Research
Vidzeme University College

Letter from Mr. Dmitrijs Krjukovs, PhD student, young scientist, member of board of Association of Latvian Young Scientists, Latvia:

I would like to acknowledge and thank the team of Latvian IDC for services and consultations offered. Me and my colleagues from Association of Latvian Young Scientists appreciate your efforts especially in organisation of informative seminars and workshops. Due to participation in them we’ve received a lot of useful information about EC activities, participation opportunieties in EC Projects, preparing project proposals and other important information. I would like to stress that the development of Latvian IDC is very important for dissemination and promotion of knowledge. I wish your team all success in every endeavor and hope to cooperate with you in the future.

Mr. Dmitrijs Krjukovs
Association of Latvian Young Scientists
Kalku iela 1, Riga, LV 1658

Letter from Mrs. Svetlana Vinichenko, Logitrans Consult Ltd, Estonia:

Dear Prof. Leonid Novitsky, on behalf of Logitrans Consult Ltd. I’m writing this e-mail to thank Latvian IDC team for the excellent service and support that you always provided me and my colleagues from Logitrans Consult under the frame of project IST4Balt. I greatly appreciate our co-operation in e-Logistics field and it would be a pleasure to continue our collaboration in the future.

Sincerely yours,
Svetlana Vinichenko
Offices 301-303, Building of Muuga Port Authority
Maardu str. 57; 74115 Maardu-Tallinn; Estonia

Letter from Dr. Eberhard Bluemel, Fraunhofer Institute, Germany

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