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The Estonian partner Bi-Info will orient its IDC towards the Strategic Objective Improving Risk management, as far as economical and financial risk is concerned, and new employment opportunities following the Strategic Objective e-Inclusion. For more information visit INFORING home page.


Lithuanian IDC at INFOBALT will focus on business applications included in the Strategic Objective Applications and services for the mobile user and worker. For more information visit INFOBALT home page.

General information

   In the framework of IST4Balt project activities Information Dissemination Center (IDC) has been developed in Latvia at the beginning of the project.

   The basis of this IDCs system was launched under "Open Latvia", Latvia, INFOBALT, Lithuania, and Inforing AS, Estonia, by TELEBALT project (IST-2001-33041).

   Latvian IDC at RTU will concentrate on the Strategic Objective Open development platforms for software and services and will also deal with telematic for tourism included in the Strategic Objective Cross-media content for leisure and entertainment. This mean that we will provide different information connected with IST 6th framework programme for our visitors but strategic objective and will be our focus point.

   Main activities of the Latvian IDC are:

-   articles in local newspapers and magazines
-   press realises
-   participation in different seminars, workshops, conferences
-   organisation of information days in IDC, every month (last Wednesday     of the month)
-   information distribution through different channels - NCP, Foreign affair     department at RTU central house etc.
-   information distribution through electronically channels - e-mails,
    web sites, banners.

    Consultation (face to face and virtual)
-   how to write proposals - context and financial part;
-   how to find partners;
-   how to find right strategical objective;
-   how to find calls etc.

    Organizing of seminars, workshops
-   organising of seminars in Riga for people who already are involved in
    EC IST activities in frame to inform about novelties;
-   organising of seminars in Riga for people who are not involved in
    EC IST activities but who have interest about EC IST 6th FP;
-   providing face-to-face and virtual consulting for all interested people in
    the region who seek for EU partners to prepare a joint proposal to IST;

    WEB site
-   Discussion section (http://www.balticit.com/ist4balt/phorum/list.php?4)
    has been created in frame to find out what is the main questions which
    people would like to know and learn about EC IST 6th FP.
-   Suggestion section (http://www.balticit.com/ist4balt/suggestions.php)
    has been created in frame to find out what we have to change in our
    web site, trainings or works of IDC.
-   Special section with different subdivisions for IDC in IST4Balt Web site
    has been created (http://www.balticit.com/ist4balt/idc.php)

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