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IST 2004 Event - Participate in your future

The conference was held from 15-17 November 2004, "Netherlands Congress Centre",The Hague

IST 2004 Event : open for business

   Close to 3000 registered participants showed up for the first day of the event. After the opening and plenary session in the morning, the serious business of information exchange and networking got underway. By early afternoon the exhibition was buzzing with visitors.
   Two of the key messages emerging from the first day's sessions were that the use of ICT is giving a competitive edge to all sectors of Europe's economy and that progressive strengthening of the EU single market can be traced back to collaboration in research.

   This year's edition of the most important European Information Society Technologies (IST) event was organised under the EU's Dutch Presidency by the European Commission in partnership with the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. The event included a conference, an exhibition of research results and networking facilities for the about 4000 participants. The overall themes were "People" and "Economy". This IST Event appeal to:

--- Industry, SMI and SME
--- Businesses
--- Public sector decision-makers
--- The research community and academics
--- Interested citizens, including young people and students

   The Conference - with 30 sessions- looked at ways to harness information and communication technology (ICT) to enhance the prosperity, security and quality of life for all Europeans.

   The Exhibition - with around 130 stands on an area of 8500 sq. m- showed how ICT enables new ways of living, working together, communicating, entertaining, and ensuring that every citizen benefits from the knowledge-based economy.

   The European IST Prize will showcase a selection of 20 innovative information technology driven products.

   The Networking Sessions - call for ideas for the Networking Sessions - was a big success with more than 150 proposals being submitted. About 72 sessions- has bring participants together to discuss project ideas, research activities and business partnership.

   One of the main objectives of the annual IST Event was to assist companies and researchers to forge multidisciplinary and multinational research teams across Europe. These teams are essential to building the European Research Area in the Information Society sector. Networking sessions bring together people who are interested in a specific topic, to discuss project ideas, research activities and business partnerships. They are less formal than official conference sessions, encouraging much more active participation and lateral thinking (see also: Networking Sessions).

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