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The Estonian partner Bi-Info will orient its IDC towards the Strategic Objective Improving Risk management, as far as economical and financial risk is concerned, and new employment opportunities following the Strategic Objective e-Inclusion. For more information visit INFORING home page.


Lithuanian IDC at INFOBALT will focus on business applications included in the Strategic Objective Applications and services for the mobile user and worker. For more information visit INFOBALT home page.

Training Materials

The Seventh Framework Programme (FP7):

1. Lecture   Understanding FP7  stand-alone application

2. Lecture   FP7 activities   stand-alone application

3. Lecture   Participate in FP7   stand-alone application

4. Lecture   ICT in FP7   stand-alone application

The Sixth Framework Programme (FP6):*

1. Lecture   Introduction to FP6  PDF

2. Lecture   What's new in FP6?   PDF

3. Lecture   Finding your research theme   PDF

4. Lecture   Preparing to make a proposal   PDF

5. Lecture   Making and submitting a proposal     PDF

6. Lecture   What happens after submission   PDF

7. Lecture   Managing a project   PDF

8. Lecture   Information Society Technologies (IST) - FP6 Priority 2   PDF

9. Lecture   Lecture 9. Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) of the EU

* Macromedia Flash Player 8 required. You can download it here

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