Janis Grundspenkis

   Short CV

   Janis GRUNDSPENKIS, Dr. habil.sc.ing., Riga Technical University in 1993; Dr. sc.ing. (Candidate of Science in former USSR, Ph.D. in Western countries), Riga Technical University in 1972. Since 1994 is a dean, Faculty of Computer Science and Computer Engineering, RTU; Head of Department of Systems Theory and Design, RTU. He has following honors and awards: Corresponding Member, Latvian Academy of Sciences in 1998; Full Member, Latvian Academy of Sciences in 2003. Professional Activities and Memberships include:

  • Member of the Board (Vice-president, 1993-1996; President, 1996-1999). Latvian National Organisation of Automatics (LANO), 1993 - present
  • Member, Latvian Association of Scientists
  • Memberof the Board, Latvian Modelling and Simulation Society
  • Memberof the Board, Competence Network for Simulation Applications (CONSA)
  • Associated Member, International Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC)
  • Associated Member, Society for Computer Simulation International (SCSI)
  • Associated Member, European University Information Systems Organisation (EUNIS)
  • Associated Member, European Co-ordinating Committee of Artifical Intelligence (ECCAI)
  • Associated Member, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. (IEEE)
  • Program Committee Member, Symposium Advances in Databases and Information Systems (ADBIS`95, ADBIS`96, ADBIS`97, ADBIS`99)
  • Program Committee Member, First and Second International Baltic Workshops on Databases and Information Systems
  • Editorial Advisory Board for Automatic Control and Computer Sciences (Avtomatika I Vychislitelnaya Technika)
  • Member of Senate, Riga Technical University
  • Member, Council of Riga Information Technology Institute
  • Chairman, Expert Commission in Informatics , Latvian Council of Science, 2003 - present.
Professor Janis GRUNDSPENKIS
Head of the Department of Systems Theory and Design
Director of the Institute of Applied Computer Systems
Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science and Computer Systems
Riga Technical University
Kalku iela 1
Riga, LV 1658

Phone: +371 7089506
Fax: +371 7089584
E-mail: jgrun@cs.rtu.lv