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GRID / Research Networks & eApplications Workshop

30th -31st May 2005, Bangalore, India

   GRID / Research Networks & eApplications Workshop took place at the III-T- Bangalore. The first workshop focussed on Research Networks & GRID Systems & Services for Business & eApplications(eWork, eBusiness, eInclusion) and addressed the need for alliances and increased interaction between the European and Indian ICT communities.


   The focus of IST in FP6 is on the future generation of technologies in which computers and networks will be integrated into an everyday environment, rendering accessible a multitude of services and applications through easy-to-use human interfaces. As has already been the case, advances in eApplications will put users at the centre of future developments for an inclusive knowledge-based society for all.

   Developing innovative application requires a coherent and integrated research effort that addresses the major technological challenges and attempts to exploit the most recent advances in computing, networking and communication technology and ensure interoperability with already existing systems.

   Through the eApplication forum and Workshop, delegates has been invited to examine and present solutions to the challenges that lie ahead of further eApplications development by exchanging innovative ideas and contributing some of the extensive experience gained on a European level.

   Research Networks & Infrastructures

   The European Commission IST "Research Infrastructure" Unit supports the provision of computer and communications infrastructures of the highest quality and performance to Europe's researchers, namely by establishing a high-capacity and high-speed communications network for all researchers in Europe (GÉANT) and specific high performance Grid- enabled advanced test-beds, exploiting the benefits of a strong co-ordination between Research Infrastructures and the IST and an enlarged co-operation with corresponding national and international initiatives.

   Grid Systems & Services for Business

   Advanced Grid Technologies, Systems and Services is addressed the under FP6 Call 5 and has been a key topic of the workshop from 30th - 31st May 2005 at the Indian Institute of Information Technology - Bangalore focussing on GRID Systems & Services for Business.

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